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About Positively Plus T-Shirts




In 2012, Reniqua Monae Collections launched with the mission of restoring the full figured woman’s faith in the plus-size fashion industry.


"I've walked the same path as my clientele, struggling while shopping for clothing. I've been up and down with my weight  while each dress size comes with its own set of problems, there are some fashion basics that can be changed and tweaked when it comes to plus-size fashion ” says RMC owner, Reniqua Monae. Reniqua decided to add her own insight and experiences within this industry.

Expanding both her vision and demand, RMC moved from a home business into a full figured showroom in June 2014. The showroom now offers customers an intimate, personable and unique shopping experience. RMC is committed to possessing extensive knowledge of full figured women's needs. Educating on dressing her body type, using quality fabrics, custom designs, and offering garments that capture diverse styles.
The Full Figured Showroom now offers customers:
•    Custom Formal Wear Line, Ready-To-Wear Garments, Bold Statement Jewelry and Refurbished Consignment Accessories

•    Styling and Makeover Services whether you're a model, self-identified fashionista, public figure, business executive or just a woman who wants be comfortable just being you.
Reniqua Monae Collections is here to service you and your style.
Because it’s more than fashion, it’s a mindset.
Take a peek into the RMC Full Figured Showroom on Facebook.


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